Italjet dragster

italjet dragster

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Before you buy this bike, you should view the list of related motorbikes Compare technical specs. Look at photos. And check out the rating of the moped's engine performance, repair costs, etc. Rating sample for this Italjet moped.Italjet Dragster. Between and70, units of this model were sold, equipped with multitubular chassis, alternative front suspension and radical style. A testament to innovation. Its founder, the great Leopoldo Tartarini, died in and he will surely be proud of the work done by his son Massimo, 55, who has brought his icon the Italjet Dragster back to life.

While the original Italjet Dragster was powered by a 2 stroke engine in displacements between 50 cc and cc only a few 4T cc were manufacturedthe new generation that will go into production in June in Bologna Italy It will only be available with 4T engines between cc and cc. Therefore, in this aspect you have all the guarantees. In its cc version, it delivers The cc version raises these figures to This engine was built before in China for Piaggio by Jincheng, but after Piaggio closed exclusive agreements with Zongshen, Jincheng has evolved on its own these engines for its own models and for other manufacturers, such as Italjet.

As part of this agreement, Jincheng will also manufacture Dragster under license in China, solely for its domestic market. The tubes of this chassis are much larger than in the original version, with units between 24 mm and 28 mm in diameter, the same as in a Ducati! It maintains the front single-arm swingarm system with direction in the central axis through a system of connecting rods with which the handlebar acts as its predecessor, and the geometry dimensions are the same.

But the swingarm is now forged aluminium instead of steel and the wheelbase is longer 1, mm versus 1, mm for greater stability, in addition to leaving more space for pilot and passenger. The latter has independent handles and footrests. The alternative front suspension differentiates the functions of suspension and steering, which optimizes driving especially in braking, since the transfer of weights forward is minimal even in the most aggressive.

In addition to being aesthetically very good, it reduces the impacts from the asphalt and the vibrations that reach the handlebars. As before, the front and rear swingarms have one with a single shock absorber, adjustable in preload, signed by Bitubo. Likewise, now the sizes of both tires are also differentiated, being larger in the current one. The braking is combined with a front disc of mm in diameter and a mm rear, both with Brembo calipers.

The ABS is reserved for the cc version.

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The 9 l tank. But it is the extreme and uncompromising design of the Italjet Dragster that sets it apart from any other scooter, as was already the case with its predecessor.

2020 Italjet Dragster 200 Philippines - Specifications, Price and Release date -Walkaround

He likes to leave his technology insight, such as the chassis or the SIS Independent Steering Systemso that he moves away from the current trend in which all models resemble each other. And its price will not be exorbitant for your proposal. I even bought one of the first generations as a means of transport in the circuits when competing in European circuits, also to go for a drink, to watch a movie or a football game.

That is, anywhere I knew I was going to have parking problems. It was the cc version and accelerated very well. But what I liked most was how well planted it felt, its stability at any speed compared to other conventional scooters. I also have to say that I am a fan of the Bimota Tesi, so choosing an Italjet Dragster was the logical thing, and how good it feels to see how everyone looks at you in their path! It was a model as practical as fun to wear.

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I guess that's why they stole it from me. When I recovered it, it was broken. Goodbye my Italjet Dragster Imagine my enthusiasm when I had the opportunity to try the new Italjet Dragster when there are still six months left to start its commercialization.

It has been with version near the Italian Via Emilia in the picturesque city of Dozza. Its streets are decorated with dozens of paintings, a perfect framework for a modern work of art on two wheels such as the Italjet Dragster.

Italjet Dragster 200cc to arrive in the Philippines in 2019

Despite its image, it is a really useful model.It would have been easy for Italjet to wheel out a slightly restyled Dragster again this year like they have at previous shows. This takes the machine, which in itself was a stunning creation and brings it firmly into the 21st century, where once again it will cause a stir, unleash passion and win fans, both old and new.

This is what the scooter world has been crying out for, something different. It may have taken a few years, and plenty of broken promises but it looks like this time, the Italian who cried wolf in the past will finally see this stunning machine come to life.

The more you look at this scooter, the more you realise from a design point of view just how far above everything else it stands. This rips up the scooter design rulebook and blows the current modern crop of cloned-lookalike scooters into the weeds.

This is more than just sticking some well moulded plastic bodywork onto an ugly steel frame. This is a geometric creation, its steel trellis frame is well thought out, looks stunning and there are details to look at everywhere. Ladies will throw their bras at you as you ride by, and female Dragster owners will be swamped by middle-aged fat balding men.

Yes folks, the Italjet Dragster is well and truly back. All the details, the lights, the seat, suspension, clocks, even the indicators look well thought out, well put together and are nicely finished. Perhaps a ? Massimo told us the engines are Aprilia derived, 4-valve, 4-stroke lumps in both cc and cc variants as used by Scomadi, although the Italjet uses liquid-cooled engines, as opposed to air-cooled so power is good.

Naturally there will also be an electric version later on. You must be logged in to post a comment. A quick look around the new Italjet Dragster with Massimo. He told us this morning that…. I have Dragster inside my blood. I have to agree with him. Massimo Tartarini, a man with Dragster for blood. One thing is for sure, Massimo has turned his dream into a production-ready model. Massimo told us that the aluminium front steering arm is interchangeable with the original Dragster, that will please lots of owners who struggle to keep their scooters on the road, thanks to failed steering bushes.

Contact: Italjet. New products always in development…. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Italjet Dragster 2020

Connect with:.It has been confirmed this morning that the Italjet Dragster will begin production in Italy in May. Now the wait is about to end: Dragster production will start in May. A modern reimagining of the striking small-capacity, single-cylinder, two-stroke scooter from the late nineties and early noughties, the latest machine will be available in either a or four-stroke.

Doing away with traditional front forks is hub steering, complete with a horizontal, adjustable shock. Cradling the engine is an exposed trellis frame, finished in a series of glossy colours.

Before production begins, the Italian firm will continue to display the bike at tradeshows across the globe, with the next appearance set to be the Tokyo Motorcycle Show in March. Leftfield Italian scooter and small bike makers, Italjet, have announced the return of their much-loved twist-and-go, the Dragster with a statement on their website: "We are not joking!

Using a hub front suspension setup with a horizontal, adjustable shock instead of a traditional fork design and an exposed trellis frame in red, orange or yellow, the Dragster certainly demands attention. The scooter, which will be shown at Eicma on Tuesday, November 5, will be available in two Euro4 engine variants; cc and cc.

Both capacities are liquid-cooled, four-stroke singles. The original Dragster garnered a cult following in the late 90s and early 00s with its similarly quirky styling and lightweight design. Some were even modified into real drag bikes. Read the latest stories causing a buzz this week in News…. Win a custom-painted Shoei Glamster helmet with Urban Rider. Urban Rider is giving away a brand new Shoei Glamster helmet to one lucky winner.

If you win, you MCN advice: How Coronavirus is affecting motorbike events. MCN is compiling a list of motorbike events that have been affected by the outbreak of Coronavirus.

Honda are working on a larger capacity version of the Rebel — and it will be based on the Africa Blood Biking ridemiles member transports vital Coronavirus samples as volunteer. A charitable member of ridemiles has revealed he has been carrying potentially life-saving Senior Writer motorcyclingsportsbike nut, currently riding a FireBlade. Home News New bikes See more articles Super-scoot! Italjet Dragster in red left side.If you ever need proof that scooters are a fun way to travel on two wheels, give the Italjet Dragster a go.

2020 Italjet Dragster. The scooter’s production to start in May

A hi-tech chassis, fantastic brakes and an 85mph cc two stroke engine all combine to make this the fastest antidote to rush hour depression that money can buy. Some people say two stroke scooters, particularly Italian made ones, are unreliable, smoky, ill-handling contraptions, only fit for big-pants-wearing, sad permed checkout women to use as commuter workhorses, plus the odd joyride down the Mecca bingo hall. It simply carried on commuting at a steady 70mph all day long, handled like a grey import sports and outbraked several pissed-off, big bike riders into roundabouts along the way.

It was brilliant, wickedly anti-social fun. The highlight for me was clocking an indicated kph, downhill admittedly, as I screamed past a severely annoyed matron in her bland little Daewoo Nowiz, shoebox on wheels vehicle.

You have to work hard to get the best from the Piaggio sourced cc motor, but once moving, you can maintain a surprisingly high momentum, if you have the ability to read the road conditions.

The Dragster disposes of unleaded, plus a dollop of two stroke oil, pretty sharpish, depending on how frenzied you want the ride to be. Checking the petrol station receipts over a weekend allowed me to guesstimate that the Dragster was returning about 60 miles to the gallon, ridden hard. That said, the Dragster has a few practical touches; there is some storage under the seat for example, which can accommodate an open face helmet, or the very chunky free chain and padlock, supplied free with every new Dragster.

This lock by the way, felt like it weighed two stone and could survive an F16 airstrike. Riding off first thing however, the Italjet spluttered and ran poorly at low revs for five minutes until the engine warmed up properly. At just over two and a half grand on the road, the dragster has come down in price from the exotic three thousand plus it used to be.

It also now comes with a good warranty, breakdown cover, superb lock and an excellent insurance scheme. The new UK importers have certainly made much more of effort to make the Dragster buyer feel looked after than previous operators did, so this is a machine you can buy today and expect some back-up, if you need it, tomorrow.

The unique character of the Dragster can be summed up in one word however; mental. It looks crazy and rides just as bananas too.

italjet dragster

If your thing is buzzing through traffic, picking racer lines and celebrating the sheer speed of city life, then the Dragster is perfect. It shouts individuality, pizzazz, style — it asks you to think differently. For some of us, that stubborn, single-minded determination to be different from the crowd is why we took to two wheels in the first place. Put simply, it works and it looks good too. Other Contact Us. Italjet Dragster Carole Nash.

italjet dragster

See you down the gas station. Warranty 3 yr warranty. Recommended Bike News. Popular Choosing a Bike or Scooter. Bike News.

Good news for classic motorcycle owners as new MoT exemption rules set to come in for Top 5… electric motorcycles you can buy today.

Join thousands of happy customers. Get a quote. Please let us know your email address.Deliveries scheduled starting from the 2nd quarter of Italjet is synonymous of passion for the world of two wheels. The Bolognese brand was founded in thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Leopoldo Tartarini, a famous motorcycle rider of the fifties, protagonist of great sporting enterprises, among which the victory in the Milan-Taranto inthe world tour in five continents, 42 countries in 13 months and the three world records with the Cyclecar at Monza in Eclectic and forward-looking character, for Tartarini, motorbikes have always represented the common thread of life.

As well as passion and ingenuity have always distinguished Italjet. The company has created more than different models, capable of anticipating time and the result of creativity and technological research. The definitive consecration of the brand as a reference for style and innovation comes February 14, when the design sector of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the prestigious MoMA, decides to exhibit in its permanent collection Italjet Pack 2, the only two-wheeled motorized vehicle hosted in the exhibition area.

In the Guggenheim Museum in New York exhibited in the exhibition entitled "The Art of the Motorcycle" the Italjet Formula 50, liquid-cooled scooter, and already nominated four times scooter of the year, in Germany, in Spain and twice in Italy.

italjet dragster

After having met with great success in Italy and North America, in also Velocifero, the Italjet scooter that perfectly blends the 60s vintage style with modern technology, is named "The Best Product of " by the American magazine Business Week. Italjet represents Italian excellence from the glorious past, whose models have been sold in 48 countries worldwide.

A reality focused on continuous innovation combined with constructive craftsmanship care, which for some years has made its entry into the e-bike world, with a unique range in design, style and attention to detail. Massimo Tartarini has selected a dynamic and experienced team to accomplish this task, proud to be part of the project and of such historical and special Company. Why choose ItalJet?

We're here for whatever you need. Motorcycles designed with an inspiration that has remained unchanged until today A great and unique passion in giving continuity to its philosophy that has always set Italjet apart in Italy and in the world. The summary of this philosophy is simple: to innovate, to anticipate tastes and fashions, to always be at the forefront, one step ahead of the others. Warranty All models are covered by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

Constant new technical and stylist solutions to satisfy and stimulate latent wishes of the modern customer, always careful on the design and on the emotional significance of owning something, even a scooter. What's New Read our latest blog posts.

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Upload Image Compare Motorbike.The iconic scooter from Italy is back. The Italjet Dragster makes 15 hp while the cc model offers 20 hp. The scooter is fitted with an Independent Steering System ISS that has a new front single-arm made from aerospace aluminium alloy. The front suspension is fitted with horizontal BITUBO hydraulic adjustable shocks which offer no travel effect for the front-end. The Italjet Dragster features an aggressive bodywork with full LED lights, double radiators, one for each side, while the front has been designed in the wind tunnel to increase aerodynamics.

The Dragster has the 7 litres fuel tank fitted in the footrest to balance the weight distribution and to lower the centre of gravity.

Also, the Italjet Dragster features big section tires and an alloy trellis frame with aluminium plates. The braking system features hydraulic disc brakes with Brembo callipers and a mm front disc and mm rear disc.

The Italjet Dragster has a dry weight of kg while the cc model features kg. Now the wait is about to end: Dragster production will start in May," he added. The Italjet Dragster is the successor of the model which was sold in more than We rely on your donations to cover the most important news on the motorcycle market and create videos that excite, inform, and educate. Make a one-time contribution or become a monthly subscriber.

Every donation, however big or small, is valuable and helps us cover some of the video production costs, like equipment, transportation, and maintenance. Home News. The Italjet Dragster will begin production in Italy in May.

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